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Allen Laboratories Limited, a flagship Company of Dr. Sarkar Allen Group engaged in manufacturing Homoeopathic & Ayurvedic medicines having its ISO 9001 : 2008 certified factory with best equipped State-of-the-Art machinery & technology.

Allen Laboratories Limited manufacture & market Homoeopathy medicines under the Masterbrand ĎAllenísí

Allenís Homoeopathic mother tinctures, potentised medicines, triturations are manufactured strickly following H.P.I & GMP .

Allen also manufactures Bio-Chemic & Bio-Combination tablets, Homoeo Speciality & Super Speciality Products in the form of oral, liquid & tablet, Body Oil & Lotion, Hair Oil & Hair Vitalizer, Cream & Ointment & Prickly Heat Powder.

Allenís Personal Care Products like ArnicaPlus & TRIOFER for Hair Problem solutions, are well known household Brand.

Allenís BoroAllen Antiseptic Cream & Prickly Heat Powder, OlivAllen Body Oil, AloeAllen Body Lotion, Allenís ArnicaPlus & Arnica Montana Hair Oil are very popular.

Allenís Homoeo Speciality products like COEX, HOOPEX, Alcoex, AllenZyme, ALVINE, AlfaAllen, Entrodin, Livo-10, BAYBESAN,BRENUP, EXUP,Uterine-13, ALFERON, GASTRIN, GastrinPlus & Allenís Homoeo Super Speciality products like Paintox, Hypervis, Alseptol, Thioral,Repos, Cardia, Dialfa, Diarol, BHP-10, Pyrex, Cinarex, Calsil, Comeba, Leucorrhal, Pausal, Dysmen, Brenol, Stimulas, Ocidross, Deekof, Livosin-Drops are well accepted by the Homoeopathic Doctors all over India.

Allenís products are moderately priced and have World Class quality assurance. Allen upholds the superiority of Homoeopathy through expertise supervision of qualified technical professionals.

Allen Laboratories Limited also manufacture & market Ayurvedic medicine under the Masterbrand of ĎAllenAyurí such as AllenAyur Ė LIVOSIN Liquid & Capsule, Livosin Churan, Livosin-BEL.Granules, Livosin Drops, Femiton, AllenZyme, ALVINE, OlivAllen Body Oil, AloeAllen Body Lotion, BoroAllen Prickly Heat Powder, BoroAllen Antiseptic Cream, ArnikaPlus Oil, ArnikaPlus Vitalizer & Triofer Capsule are well accepted by the Allopathic & Ayurvedic Doctors.

Allen Laboratories Ltdís Allopathy products are marketed under the Masterbrand of ĎAllení, like Allen -Alcoz, Alpan 40, Alpan D, Alcosin, Amcoex are being introduced through the Allopathic Doctors.

Dr. G. P. Sarkar, Chairman, Allen Group is a Homoeopathic Doctor, Allopathic & Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing Chemist approved by the State Drug Authority.

He is engaged in Speciality & Super Speciality Homoeopathic formulations with the help of R & D Division of Allen Laboratories Limited. He is also engaged in AllenAyur Ayurvedic Products Development with the help of R & D Division of Allen Laboratories Limited.

The R & D Division is complete with a testing institute where every drug is tested according to the respective Govt. approved pharmacopoeia, before it reached the Market.

The Allen Group has its own marketing company including distribution network to ensure availability of all medicines at all times to every corner of the country.