Digestive Tonic with carminative appetizer


Improves appetite and digestion, normalizes liver and gastro-intestinal functions. Removes flatulence and constipation.

Composition :

Each 5 ml Contains : Carica papaya HPI f 0.125 ml, Hydrastis canadensis HPI f 0.05 ml, Andrographis paniculata  HPI f 0.05 ml, Nux vomica HPI 30 0.025 ml, Lycopodium clavatum HPI 30 0.025 ml,

Dosage :

Infant: 1/4 tsf 3 times in a day,

Children: 1/2 tsf  3 times in a day.

 Adult:  1 tsf. 3 times in a day, or as directed by the physician.  

Presentation :110ml, 250ml

To be taken as per advise of a registered medical practitioner only.