Livosin Bel

Constipation, chronic & intractable constipation which may be the cause of many diseases. Indigestion, Gas, Acidity and stomach troubles.

Product Composition

Each 5gm. contains : Bael (A. marmelos) 0.5 gm., Amlaki (E. officinalis) 0.5 gm., Haritaki (T. chebula) 1.25 gm., Bahera (T. belerica) 0.5 gm., Isabgul (P.ovata) 0.5 gm., Sonapata (C. angustifolia) 1.25 gm., Bit laban (Black salt) 0.25 gm., Yasthimadhu (G. glabra) 0.1 gm., Thymol 0.015 gm., Citric acid 0.05 gm., Surasar (Alcohol) for process 0.15 ml., Preservative (Sodium Benz.) 0.015 gm., Excipients q.s. to 5gm.

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