Livosin Capsule

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Enriched with safe and effective herbal anti-oxidants, liver correctives, carminatives and blood purifiers which rejuvenate liver to purify blood and improve skin health. Fights obesity and prevents premature wrinkles. Helps in removing skin pigmentation caused due to liver dysfunctions. Provides you healthy skin from within.

Product Composition

Each Capsule contains ext. from: Kalmegh 200mg., Triphala 120mg. Neem, Bhringaraj, Pudina, Sonapata, Aswagandha, Arjuna, Kurchi, Bhuiamlaki, Pitt-papda, Gulancha, Rohitak, Ashshoura, Ghosalata 100mg.each, Anantamool 75mg. Hansapadi, Carica papaya, Jau, Biranga, Kakmachi, Kulekhara, Kasni, Himsra, Punarnava, Daruharidra 50mg.each, Dhania, Yasthi madhu, Chitraka 25mg.each, Sunti, Biranjasif, Brahmi, Cha, Olive leaf, Grape seed, Rosemary, Carrot seed 20mg.each, Jhavuka, Mulaka, Kasamarda 10mg.each, Ghritakumari 5.0mg. Hing, Ajowan Arak 3.0mg.each, Surasar for process 0.015ml. Excipients q.s.   Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) q.s.

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Weight 200 kg
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