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Much difficulty in voiding urine. Interrupted flow. Dribbling of urine. Retention, cystitis with prostatic hypertrophy.

Product Composition

Each ml contains-Sabal serrulata 1x 0.20ml HPI, Conium maculatum 3x 0.05ml HPI, Thuja occidentalis 3x 0.10ml HPI, Acidum phosphoricum 3x 0.10ml HPI, Clematis erecta 3x 0.10ml HPI, Pareira brava 3x 0.10ml HPI, Staphysagria 3x 0.10ml HPI, Chimaphila umbellata 3x 0.10ml HPI, Acidum picricum 3x 0.05ml HPI, Purified water q.s. HPI, Alcohol content 61.0 v/v

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Weight 150 kg
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