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Livosin DS


LIVOSIN DS – Double Strength Herbal Liver Tonic, Hepato-protective & Digestive.

LIVOSIN DS – Herbal Liver Tonic contains natural Ayurvedic Herbs, the potent hepatoprotective ingredients which protects Liver from various chemical induced hepatotoxicity. LIVOSIN DS restores hepatic functions. LIVOSIN DS prevents fatty infiltration of the liver. LIVOSIN DS also improves digestive functions, reduces gas, acidity, heartburn and constipation. Improves appetite.

LIVOSIN DS contains 38 active ingredients, the potent hepatoprotective. Bhumi amalaki, Kalmegh, Kasni, Triphala, Kakmachi, Ghoshlata are few among them

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LIVOSIN DS a research-based Double Strength Herbal Liver Tonic, manufactured with 38 Ayurvedic Herbs, which protects Liver from various toxic substances, improves Digestion, Promotes Health & Well Being.


Protects Liver against various hepatotoxins. Improves liver and stomach functions. Promotes appetite. Reduces gas, acidity & heartburn. Corrects constipation. Indicated in fatty liver and alchohol induced liver toxicity.

Directions For Use

Adults : 2 teaspoonful  twice daily with water. Children : 1 teaspoonful twice daily with water or as directed by the physician.

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