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Livosin Total


Liver and stomach dysfunctions, gas, acidity, indigestion & constipation. Fatigue, tension related disorders, headache & sleeplessness. Loss of appetite.

Product Composition

Each 5ml contains- Alfalfa HPI 1x 0.100 ml, Hydrastis canadensis HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Chelidonium majus HPI 1x 0.100 ml, Carduus marianus HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Berberis aquifolium HPI 1x 0.100 ml, Echinacea ang. HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Andrographis paniculata HPI 1x 0.025 ml, Podophyllum peltatum HPI 1x 0.025 ml, Ginseng HPI 1x 0.025 ml, Avena sativa HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Withania somnifera HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Cinchona officinalis HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Aloe socotrina HPI 1x 0.025 ml, Terminalia arjuna HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Terminalia chebula HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Carica papaya HPI 1x 0.050 ml, Acidum phosphoricum HPI 3x 0.250 ml, Nux vomica HPI 6x 0.050 ml, Carbo vegetabilis HPI 3x 25 mg, Natrum sulphuricum HPI 3x 25 mg, Kali phosphoricum HPI 3x 50 mg, Magnesium phosphoricum HPI 3x 25 mg, Alcohol 12% v/v, Preservative (Sodium Benz) q.s., Sweetening agent (Saccaharin) q.s., Sorbitol 5% v/v, In a palatable aqua base

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