Himlata Cool Oil

Provides prompt relief from Tiredness & fatigue. Stress & tension. Headache & migraine. Sleeplessness. Body ache & joint pain. Sprain & muscular pain. Toning up muscles & nerves. Premature hair fall. Dandruff & itching of scalp.

Product Composition

Each 5ml contains ext. of : Amlaki 0.02g, Haritaki 0.02g, Bohera 0.02g, Ghritakumari 0.01g, Brahmi 0.01g, Daruharidra 0.005g, Kesharaj 0.005g, Neem 0.005g, Nishinda 0.005g, Latakustari 0.005g, Japa kusum 0.005g, Kakoli 0.005g, Gatella 0.005g, Gandhamatra 0.005g, Gulab Phool 0.0025g, Naluka 0.0025g, kapoor kachari 0.0025, Motha 0.0025g, Keshar 0.0025g, Shailaya 0.0025g, Muramansi 0.0025g, Jatamanshi 0.0025g, ushir 0.0025g, Chandan 0.0005g, Nakhi 0.0005g. Ratanjot 0.025g, Karpur 0.025g, Pudina ka phool 0.1025g, Pudina ka tel 0.025g, Eranda Taila 0.025ml, Lavanga Taila 0.005ml Godhuma taila 0.005ml Gajar Taila 0.005ml, Til oil 1.5ml, surasar 9Alcohol for process) 0.025ml, Sugandha Drabyas Q.S., Base (Liquid Paraffin) Q.S. to 5ml

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